Right Here…in Osceola County!

What is a CSA? It stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This concept, along with “slow food” was started to put the people and their food in close proximity…. not 2,000-6,000 miles from each other. The way it works is that the shareholders (you) and the farmer (us) get together before the season begins and decide on what will be grown in the garden. Then we go to work! You accept the natural risks of raising crops, and we try our best to eliminate the risks. We partner with you as advisers in your own small plot farming adventure. Feel free to get answers to any questions you may still have by checking out our FAQ page.

Rent-a-Row: Instead of traditional CSA shares, our model provides you the opportunity to see the growing practice from start to finish in our rent a row program. Please go to Garden Happenings to read more about its successes. If you have a brown thumb, or really can’t envision growing anything but a rock garden… we can help! For the price you will:

  • Have access to your row most anytime of the week
  • A very rich composted soil to work with
  • Timed irrigation
  • Use of our CSA tools
  • Free cuttings of an assortment of herbs
  • Use of the wash area under shade
  • Help with planning your row
  • Personal help during growing season
  • And fellow gardeners who are also learning

The Rent-a-Row Fall season is nearing the end of its harvest time, but don’t despair. The Spring Harvest Season is now open for applicants!

Our first planning meeting will be announced sometime in late January. Again, check the Garden Happenings link for weekly (or thereabouts) information on what’s going on in the garden along with tips on how to do what we do. I promise to do better about posting to the Garden Happenings more regularly.  You can review the posts for last spring to see some of the things you might encounter. We use only natural organic means and will teach you how to do so with appropriate composting, fertilizers, and planting methods.  We recommend two hours per week of time investment for the best results.

Payment: You can make your payment by check or money order or use the options below. When we receive your payment made through PayPal, we will notify you by email. PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or your PayPal account.

$50 Half - Rent a Row 4' x 40'

Half Row – Rent a Row $50   4′ x 40′

Rent a Row $125 Natural Growing Practices

Full Row – Rent a Row  $100      4′ X 80′