You can be a Gardener

We are a rent-a-row/teaching garden program that started out as a C.S.A., Community Supported Agriculture. Why? Health minded people want to learn how to grow their own food by the most natural means; others have tried gardening in the past and haven’t been unsuccessful; parents want to teach their children how to garden; and all eventually want to pick dinner from their backyards! Please go to Garden Happenings to read more about its successes. If you have a brown thumb, or really can’t envision growing anything but a rock garden… we can help!

Maggie and her sweet potato

The best thing is this is FUN!

What we do help you become a successful gardener:

  • Help with planning your row
  • Provide a personal mentor during growing season
  • Access to your row most anytime of the day and week
  • Teach you ways to grow organically using composting, fertilizer, and pest control measures
  • Maintain tilled rows of rich organic soil
  • Timed irrigation
  • Use of our garden tools
  • Free cuttings of an assortment of herbs

The Spring 2016 Season is now open for applicants! We are opening up the wood chip garden to a few gardeners. Season begins March 1, 2016. You can review the posts for last spring 2015 to see some of the things you might encounter. We recommend two hours per week of time investment for the best results.

How do I join? Fill out an application by clicking here. Pay below using PayPal or credit card, or send a check or money order made out to Nancy Pratt to 335 Oakhurst Cir. Kissimmee, 34744, and you’re done! PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or your PayPal account. When we receive your payment, we will notify you by email about the first garden meeting and your initial preparations for your r`w.


12′ X 12′