New Growth from Seeds…and Weeds!

Tomorrow will be another day of planting, weeding and thinning. Planting is an excellent way to exercise. You get your hands dirty, but you have such satisfaction in knowing that those tiny seeds and seedlings will grow into beautiful green things.

Weeding is an entirely different exercise. It provides you a look at the things that stymie our productivity. As you delegate those weeds to the burn pile, think of the other “weeds” in our lives. The garden needs to be rid of the weeds to allow for unhindered growth in the fruitful production of our crops. Cleaning around the new growth requires caution, but to be sure that we aren’t nurturing a crop of weeds it is a necessary activity of the garden.

You know the weeds are bad, so pulling them or killing them isn’t a big deal. Thinning out the plants is a more difficult process. They are viable, healthy plants, but if they cannot be transplanted to another place (something we try to do), then they are composted to feed the plants that are left. It leaves them with room and air circulation to allow non-competitive growth. Still the lessons for life are there to the seeker. Not everything that is planted in our lives should be left to grow. Some things are to be used to feed our soul but only for a short time, so that we can have space enough to grow the things that are fruitful and profitable.

Happy Gardening…

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