Fall Season_Week_2

Week 2

  • Garden A Row 13 Radishes, Onions and Lettuce was planted.
  • Garden A Row 14 Flax was planted from seedlings
  • Garden B Row 12 Snow Peas were planted down the whole row in 4 lines
    (two lines on the fence/cattle grazing side are new seed, other 2 are older seed)
  • Other garden work included (as always) weeding in all planted rows
  • Seed trays were planted for the following
    • Beets, Chioggia, 55 days-1 tray
    • Brussels Sprouts, churchill, 90 days-1 tray
    • Cabbage, Super Red, 73 days-1 tray
    • Celery, Conquistador, 80 days-1 tray
    • Rhubarb, Victoria, 365 days-1 tray
    • Cilantro, Santo, 50-55 for leaf, 80-105 for seed -1 tray
    • Green Acorn Winter Squash, Honey Bear, 90 days-1 tray
    • Winner, Kohlrabi-1 tray
    • Foxglove-1 tray
    • Royal Sweet Peas (for flowers)-½ tray
    • Hollyhock-½ tray
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