Fall Season_Week_3

Fall 2011 Garden

Next week is the ‘hoped for’ harvest. The REAL harvest will have to be in 2-3 more weeks (we’ll let you know the exact date). We’ve had lots of rain… lots of high temperatures… things are growing but they’re still pretty small. In the ground we have pumpkins, squash, picklin cukes, carrots, radishes, bok choi, rapini, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes (3 varieties), beans, peas, napa cabbage, endive, collards, mustard greens, kale (yeah for kale), and lots of interesting herbs….we have to replant arugula and swiss chard.

The season will be extended into Jan. for as many weeks as we need to in order to make up the weekends. thanks for understanding. We have a really good group of working shares who are doing the planting, weeding, thinning with huge doses of TLC as we all anticipate the taste of the upcoming season. Shareholders, please feel free to come and visit us on Saturday mornings from 7-10am, pick some basil (we have lots of it) and meet the group!


Garden A, our Herb Garden is doing well. We have some of the vegetables intermixed for convenience. Shareholders can pick from the sage, oregano, basil, lemon thyme, lemon balm and aloe. If you’re interested in knowing all the great things you can do with aloe.  40_Ways_To_Use_Aloe_Vera

Garden B is doing very well though as Nancy said, we will be harvesting later than anticipated due to the weather. Click the image to the left and have a look at what’s growing. You can zoom in to get a better view.

The seedlings are doing well. We will have a few more seeds to sow next week and many of these will be rotated out to Garden B.

The complete garden list is being updated and will be posted soon… check back and have a great week!

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