Fall Season_Week_5

We’ve been analyzing the garden situation…..the possibilities of future storms for flooding….and we have decided to build a retention pond above the garden.  The dirt from the pond will elevate our garden about a foot and a half…in fact it will raise the whole acre that includes the shade area, herb garden and vacant land inside the fence.  We will have them scrape the top soil from all 3 garden plots, put the fill dirt onto the current garden, and re-dump the garden topsoil when they get done.  There is too much good composting to bury that!  Plus, we will have a pond to try our hand at aquaponic gardening in the future as the pond will be stocked with fish….and if there is any more flooding i’m putting a FOR SALE sign out front 🙂 
That being said, we won’t be having a fall garden.  We’ll gear up for an abundant spring garden.   If any of you shareholders would like to get a refund of your money please let me know…otherwise you will be paid up for the spring season!  I hope we have all the working shares still on board to work in the spring.  They’ve been a hard working bunch and I’m so grateful for their efforts.  
Kale will be coming 🙂  

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