Spring Season Week One

We had a great work day last Saturday, January 7. The first six rows of Garden B were tilled. Everything is looking so great.
Garden A (60′) Rows were planted in December, thanks to Nancy, Kael and Brooke.

Rows 1, 4-6, 10-11, and the house side of row 14 are open for planting.
2.   Onions, Southern Belle, whole row
3.   House side, (1/2) Aloe
7.   House side, (8 plants) Italian Oregano
8.   Strawberries, whole row
9.   House side, (1/2) Strawberries
12. Street side, (1/4) Short Day Onions
13. House side, (1/4) large seedlings
      House side, (1/2) small seedlings
      Street side, (1/4) Onions, short day
14. Street side, (2/3) Onions, Short Day
15. House side, (1/3) Cabbage
      Street side, (2/3) Onions, Short Day

Garden B (80′) Rows Planted on January 7…
  1. House side (1/3) Brocolli raab                 
    Street side (2/3) Purple Top Turnips
  2. House side (1/2) Cabbage, super red 80 
    Street side (1/2) Cabbage, early green- Gonzales
  3. House side (1/2) Brocolli, Arcadia
    Street side (1/8) Radishes, Red Rover (middle of the row)
    Street side (1/8) Carrots, Rainbow
    Street side (1/8) Bunching onions, Evergreen
    Street side (1/8) carrots, Laguana main crop
  4. Kale, Winter Bor
  5. Arugula
  6. Greens Marche

Working shares put in a good day’s work tilling the rows, adding compost, organic fertilizer and planting seedlings and seeds. Their team spirit makes the morning go by quickly.

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