Green Thumb Brigade Fall 2012 Garden

GreenThumbBrigadeThe latest crop of the Green Thumb Brigade started planting in our rows in September and food is still coming out of the ground!   We started with 45 families renting rows, and almost all of them had never been able to grow anything edible before.  They were all excellent learners…and the results were rows and rows of every fall crop imaginable.

Here is what some of them had to say:

“We were apprehensive about the time and effort that a full row might take.  The four of us work full time and we were concerned about adding another commitment to our already full plates. We took the plunge, split a row,  and boy was it fun!!!  We harvested sugar peas, green beans, bok choy, two types of lettuce, turnips, radishes, carrots, onions, edamame, and tomatoes. All this for 4 people from half a row!  What a deal!!! We were enthusiastic and proud of our accomplishments.  So proud, in fact, that we are going to tackle two full rows in the spring!” ~ The Johnson group
“My husband and I have always wanted to try something like this before but never had success on our own. We have enjoyed growing our own organic vegetables so much.   We have had so much success that we are excited to try new vegetables to grow next season. Everything just tastes so good when its right off your garden. It’s a great stress reliever for us and amazing exercise too.” ~ Aaron and Sonia
“My involvement with the rent a row program was truly one of a kind. The experience itself was amazing! I have learned so much about organic food and organic farming.” ~ Tiffany“I must say the rent-a-row program has been a great escape for me. There is really something therapeutic about digging in the dirt, seeing what you put into the dirt really grow into something healthy and wonderful for you. My grand-kids love coming with me and seeing the little guys grow (as my four year old says). I have met some wonderful people that feel the same way I do and it is great to share our rewards when harvest times come. It is great being in Florida where you have two growing seasons! Looking forward to a great Spring.” ~ BeverlyIf you want to join the next Green Thumb Brigade, come to the February 2nd meeting at the ranch/garden. Click the link to Location for directions.

Happy Gardening!

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