The End…or The Beginning

Kate_Morton_quote…the end of the fall season that is,  and the beginning of spring.   I was out today and saw some very thorough row cleaning.  Those of you that are leaving us, thank you for returning your row to us looking as good as when you received it, your efforts are  much appreciated.
2 PILES PLEASE: As you are cleaning out your row please put the debris in 2 piles: one with weeds only and one with discarded veg plants.  We have permanent places for both.
WORRed Wiggler Worms Are Best for CompostingMS: We’ve added 2000 little critters to add to our compost bins.  Red wiggler worms are supposedly the best worms in composting. They chew many times their weight through debris. We’ve used them before to compost our bins out by the garden. If we keep the whole of it watered we’ll have compost ready in just a little while…such a miracle.
TRANSPLANTS:  If you are ordered some strawberry or any of the varieties of pepper transplants, I’ll pick them up on Friday and have them at the garden on Saturday. They must be picked up on Saturday.  We got some of the strawberry plants and they are beautiful…already bearing some fruit!
WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK:  These have been the strangest winter temperatures I have experienced.  We could have planted a whole season of tender crops in December!  As it is, the “deadline” for the last frost is mid February, so have your seeds ready to go in then.  These seed companies are really good at sending the seeds within the week. It is probably because the rest of the states are under snow, so the southern states get all their attention!  We’ll have some seed catalogues for you at the meeting on Saturday along with some planting guides.
THIS SATURDAY, FEB. 2 at NOON : is our last official meeting for the fall…and an introduction to some of our new gardeners for the spring. i hope that you can make it and share your garden wisdom with the rest of us…which plants were your favorite…which fertilizers were the best that you tried, etc.  We’ve all done a lot of research on various topics of gardening.  Let’s share that on Saturday so we can all be the wiser.  I’ll have a crock pot of something to taste for everyone, if you’d like to share a recipe please bring it, too.  I’ll have little tasting cups and spoons.  Your membership fee is due Saturday, also. I’ll be happy to accept a check if you don’t want to pay with PayPal online.
FILE??  If any of you have a file, please bring it to the meeting Saturday as we’ll be sharpening the hoes while we’re talking.
Picture1See you Saturday!
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