Brrr! Cover me up, Please

Just when we thought we were out of danger,  colder temperatures were expected on Sunday and some of you have asked about planting tomorrow with the cold coming.  If you’re planting seeds you’ll be okay….the only time you have to worry about them is when they have already started to germinate.
Some of you have already planted transplants in your rows.  IF THEY ARE THE “T” (tender) varieties on our planting guide, then you will have to cover them just for Saturday and Sunday nights. Different parts of the county will reach lower temperatures so, just to be cautious, please cover your tender crops.  Those of you that have ordered green peppers for tomorrow, you might want to take them home until the first of the week then plant them in your row.  Those that ordered strawberry plants, they should be fine. If you want to take them home and put them out later, that would work too.  If you have young seedlings coming up and they are tender variety, you’ll want to cover them.  If they are “H” (hardy), then they will be ok.  Its just two nights of 36/37 degrees…..then next week is back up in the 80’s. [Update: Monday morning and we only went down to 37° just close to freezing, but not bad.]
We’ve been out to the garden these last 2 days weeding 🙂  All rows can be worked tomorrow; its been wet but the rows are fine.  If you are new or one of our seasoned gardeners and want me to make recommendations on your soil composition, I would be glad to.  Some of the dirt is more clay, needing more peat moss/Black Kow, even some of the wood chips.  Some of it feels perfectly balanced.  I’ll work with you to help you judge the right texture.
I’m excited to help you get started!
See you in the morning…
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