Hello Green thumbers

What else could I call you after I saw the garden yesterday?

GreenThumbBrigadeLots and lots of beautiful produce.  We took a hit with the rain on Sunday night and I saw that a few of the veggies got a pounding, but they might come back.  Also with the rain, the soil needs to be cultivated again.  If you can’t put your fingers down through your soil, then the roots probably can’t either.  Tomato plants look strong….I’m very pleased with your hard work.

We do have some bugs.

In the links I sent last week, please try one of those measures friendly stink bugsand spray/apply when you see the little chomp marks in your leaves.  Our flowers are almost blossoming in the garden which will attract the needed predators for those pesky bugs… so reinforcements are coming! Those seemingly bad stink bugs are really patrolling your garden. Don’t get rid of them, these two are ganging up on a grasshopper. I’ll share with you on Saturday what the the extension service said today to determine what the blight/discoloration is on our broccoli and cabbage leaves.  That is something relatively new that I haven’t had to deal with before.

Good to see more seed planting going on.

You’ll find through your gardening years, the balance of too much vs. too little planted.  Too much creates poor air flow and more bugs.  Too little creates more weeds and more drought-like conditions.  Take a walk down the other rows and get a feel for what this balance looks like.

Use of the wash area

We have the sinks so you can wash your produce.  veghod_1You’ll probably want to take your harvest home and give it a spin in your food spinners as a secondary precaution.  The sinks were never meant to do the initial “ground dirt washing” though.  Most of the root crops, i.e.: beets, carrots, turnips, kohlrabi, etc., need to be washed off outside of the sink area.  There is a hose set up in the middle of the shade area to do this. Fill one of the blue buckets with water and give your root crops an initial rinse.  This will help tremendously in cutting down the dirt that will eventually fill our underground drain.  There are drain catchers for the drains to catch any leftover debris.  Please make sure these are emptied after use and that the sinks are left clean for the next person.

May 4th Farm to Picnic

I hope you all know OCGrown and that you’re in our list of contacts.  Take a look at the invitation to see the activity that will be at the farm on that Saturday.  We will be having producers in our county set up tables and sell their products to the public….some of you that have LOTS of extra produce might want to sell some of it.  Ileana will be in charge of the “rent a row producer table”.  If you have extra produce and want to sell it, contact her at the link in her name and she’ll work out the arrangements.  The only cost to you will be the entrance fee for the event which can be purchased online (www.osceolacountygrown.com).  Because of the nature of the day, there will be no garden work on that Saturday.  Lots of people will be interested in what the garden is all about…let’s please have it looking as good as possible.

Rain is forecast for the next 5 days.




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