Happy New Year

Hi All,

I just wanted to tell you all how blessed I am to have gotten to know you all this year. What a good group of people you are, so diligent at this gardening thing.

Those of you that are continuing on for the spring, please go to www.osceolacsa.com and click on the payment for “Half row $50” so you can get the Existing Gardener discount for your full row. Those of you that have half rows, just pay $25 in check form.

Pastor John wrote about the basket we put together for the family in need:

Thanks so much to all who donated to the food basket for a needy family. I wish you all could have seen the children’s eyes light up when they saw all of the delicious vegetables in the basket, then they literally squealed with joy. Your generosity was a great blessing to this family, to me as their pastor, and hopefully to you.
Thank you,
John Gullet, Christ Community Church

We had a table at the market for those of you that wanted to sell some of your extra produce. Ileana and Christa took up the offer….their produce was beautiful and one of the first to be sold out. We’ll have another table up this Saturday for any of you that want to participate in selling.

Continue to work your row:

  1. Pull of the dead diseased tomato leaves. Diseased_tomato_leavesKeep them in the trash pile at the end of your row. Please do NOT put them in the compost bins under the shade area.
  2. Start getting your seeds for the spring season. eggshell seed starters headerThey can be planted indoors/protected from mid January on, for transplanting in mid February.



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