As you begin…

Here are some points to remember as you begin your gardening:

Soil amendments: 
Black Kow, peat moss and Vermiculite or Perlite.  You can get these from Home Depot or Kissimmee Valley Feed & Ranch Supply, Inc.  You don’t HAVE to add these, but it will help as they help to balance out the soil.
Disposing of weeds or old plants:  
If the plants are not diseased, they may be put in the 2 wooden compost bins under the shade area. All weeds are to be dumped on the north side of your row.  When you pull plant material from the dirt, please shake it all off and leave your good garden dirt on your row! 
Planting your seeds:  IMG_0288_sm
One point to remember is to plant 6 inches in from the sides of your row, Otherwise, when the walking rows get tilled, you’ll lose some of your plants because they’ll be too close to the pathway. 
Walk your row:  
Do this every time you go to the garden and look for bugs, tracts in the dirt from an animal, the health and well being of the plants and the soil. Alert your mentor with anything that looks suspicious.
Garden tools:  
They are in the horse barn, first stall to the right.  Buckets for weeds, hoes, rakes, shovels.  Ours have the red paint on the handles. You may want to mark your own tools; they all begin to look alike when laying next to each other.
With the market on Saturdays, please park in the parking lots so the vendors can have access to the shade area.  All other times you are welcome to park closer to the garden.  The market is closed for the next two weeks because of the fair, and will resume on March 1st.
We recently updated our irrigation and put down the white rocks to the north and south of the garden.  I don’t mind the kids playing IN the rocks but please don’t carry them away. We need them!  Also, as tempting as they are to mark vegetables in your rows, please refrain. 🙂
Garden hours:
All days but Sunday…6 am to dusk.  Email your mentor for the gate code if you’ve forgotten it.
Found in the horse barn, first door to the right.  Please leave the sink clean as this is used by the equestrian business also.
I am anxious to see some things growing your rows!  Have fun this season, share thoughts and ideas with each other, and recipes, too!  
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