Garden Therapy and Farm to Market

First off, I wanted to share a garden photo with all of you.

Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy

Brooke took it one morning as she was out working in the garden.  It makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t early morning garden….soooo beautiful!  Garden therapy, Agritherapy…however you coin it, its downright peaceful to the soul!

Many of you have replanted, brought in some transplants, and are harvesting some wonderfully looking produce!  Ileana and I are still available for any questions you might have about things at this point…how to transplant, how to harvest, when to harvest, what gets pulled out what gets left, why are bugs attacking my Bok Choy??? All of these need questions require individual answers as we walk the garden with you.  Please call us, email us, text and we’ll do it.  The biggest need that I see as I walk the rows is to CULTIVATE!! Loosen the soil with the stirrup hoes or with your fingers…. if you can’t put your fingers down in at least 4 inches, then your plant is stressed…and bugs will come.

Cultivators– There several designs of cultivators and they can be short-handled tools or long-handled tools. They may be similar to a hand rake or have spinning heads that cut up weeds and loosen soil. A cultivator’s primary purpose is to loosen and aerate soil and remove very small weeds. These tools will also aerate the soil and remove minor weeds while tilling the ground.

You all know by now that we rototilled the walking rows.  PLEASE pick the weeds up that were rototilled into the walking areas and discard them.  It gives all the rows a little facelift and gets us ready for the last 2 months of growing.

The little metal trash can under the shade area is for people to dump coffee grounds. You can help yourselves to it if you want to sprinkle some nitrogen around your plants!

We are having a Farm to Market event on May 17thThis year we are spotlighting our area growers/farmers/producers and having chefs, kids activities, and food to celebrate our local abundance.  YOU are invited to display/sell your produce at this event… Or you can help with it!  Let me know if either sounds good for you and I’ll give you the details of what needs to be done.  In any case, we want the garden to shine.  In the past, we’ve had 300-350 people come for the event and of course they walk over to the garden to see it.  Please have your row in tip top shape…always, but especially for the 17th.  By doing so, you’ll encourage others to want to learn to grow their own veggies.
Thank you for giving up parking spaces on Saturday for the market vendors….they appreciate it immensely.
Let me know if you want to participate on the 17th please.
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