June 5, Last steps

One more week of harvesting from your row….was out to the garden today and was tasting and envying some of your produce still in abundance.
PICK – Tomatoes that are green, pick and take home and ripen in the window.  Beans pick while they are young and tender.  Micro greens can be picked and eaten (they are actually more packed with nutrients at the micro stage).  Carrots and onions and corn can be very tasty in the earlier stages.  I don’t want to see ANY produce wasted.  If it has a few spots on it or bug bites…cut them away and eat the rest!
For the plants that you want to save, bring your buckets and dig up your plants…tomatoes, green peppers, eggplant, and strawberries can all be transplanted, if done carefully. Try not to disturb the roots. You’ll have to cut the stems back a bit and they might go into shock, but wait and see if they spring back to health, water often till the roots get re-established.
What to do with your row? Pick the diseased plants and any weeds that have gone to seed and dump at the end of your row.  Leave everything else.  It will add to the composting when it gets tilled in.  Take all of your unused sacks of fertilizers, tomato cages, sticks and strings, and any of your tools…., leave the stick with your name on it, please.
Return: We are missing some of our blue buckets that were in the barn stall. Please also check to see if you happened to have any tools with red paint on the handle; they belong to the garden.
Let me know… by the 14th if you want to continue gardening with us for the fall. Its a different experience from the spring garden. We’ll be opening it up for new gardeners, but we want to give you the very first spots.
Again,  GreenThumbBrigadethank you all for being a part of the farm experience.  I hope you’ve learned a lot and will continue to always grow your own food if you possibly can. That is the best way to stay healthy! You are now another one of us, the Green Thumb Brigade!
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