Harvest Time!

Swain's BeautiesLook at the beauties from the Swain’s row! I saw 4 big heads of broccoli that were on the verge of flowering.  The squash is ready, tomatoes are ripe, and greens are at their peak….EAT.  This is why we all garden…to eat the most nutritious food we can!

Some points to consider:

  1. When you pick your produce, please wash them at the hose and over the rocks (not at the sink!)  I scooped out 3 cups of mud out of one side of the sink last week.  We have a small drain fill container connected to our sinks and it fills up quickly. It helps tremendously to rinse all the mud off at the hose over the rocks, then do a final rinse at the sinks.
  2. If you have TOO much produce that you don’t know what to do with, consider selling it at the Farm Market on Saturdays from 10-1 p.m.  People are more than happy to buy fresh picked!  Figure out what the price would be (by comparing prices in the stores) and bring about $20 worth of change…dollar bills mostly.  We’ll have the table and cloths.  Cost would be $5 for vendor fee.  You would set up at the “Neighbor Table” which someone could point you to.
  3. What to do with the space after picking the produce?  Plant again!  the T (tender) vegetables on your planting guide probably should not be planted this late in the season…but all the H (hardy) plants you sure can.  Clean out the spot and get seeds back into the dirt.  There are still 90 days left for this season, anything can grow in 90 days!
    Hardy Crops

Tomatoes: Some of you have asked about why the tomato plants look droopy.  As I have felt the dirt around them, my advice would be to cultivate!!  Mix in some worm castings, blood meal, or some sort of manure with your hands around the roots.  Mix it like you’d knead bread dough.  Get the dirt nice and loose and filled with more food for the tomatoes to grow on.

Clean your tools periodically: Just like people, plants that are sick, are also contagious. Just one cut or scrape by a gardening tool previously used on an infected plant can subject healthy plants to disease. Soaking your tools in a sanitizing solution is easy and can reward your garden with strong, vibrant plants.

FYI: We’ll be rototilling the walking rows sometime over the next two weeks.  In order to spruce up everything and get ready for the next phase of planting.Call me or Ileana if you have ANY questions, that’s what we’re here for!  For the most part, you all have done fantastically.

NEXT WEEK: “Thankful for Our Food” day at the Farm Market…for our farmers, our products, and our food.


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