Hurricane Irma-Stay Safe

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Last-minute Preparations

In addition to these long-term hurricane preparations, there are a few last-minute things you can do around your home and garden to protect them from these storms. When you’re boarding your home’s windows, for example, look around your yard for any and all loose, lightweight objects that are small enough to be brought inside. And if you’ve got a swimming pool, toss large objects like lawn furniture into it. The water will keep them from blowing about your yard and damaging it.

Since we don’t have a pool or garage at our house, we simply tie our patio furniture and barbecue to some of the sturdy trees in our yard. (It’s very important to protect your barbecue from harm, since you may need it for cooking if the electricity shuts off for an extended period after the storm.) Also be sure to turn any outdoor tables upside down so the wind can’t catch the broad upper surfaces.

For the most part, the flowers and shrubs planted in your yard won’t require any storm preparation, but bear in mind that they might need some pruning, staking or even replanting afterward. Smaller potted plants, including hanging ones, should be brought inside.

If you’ve got large potted palms or trees, lay them on their sides with the tops of the trees pointing away from the expected direction of the strongest winds. Don’t wrap them in tarp to keep them safe because the wrapping can act like a sail and whip the plants around. Protect your expensive, fragile pots by wrapping cushioning material around them. Use bricks or wooden blocks to bolster the pots so they don’t roll or break or damage other plants. If you don’t have bricks, consider tying pots down.

While there isn’t much you can do about hurricane season, there’s plenty you can do to protect your landscape from it. Be sure to plant the right trees and take care of them well so they’re not prone to breakage during a storm. And when a hurricane is likely to strike, save what you can by bringing it indoors or tipping it over safely. But most importantly, be sure to safeguard yourself and your family. After all, a home and yard can be replaced – a life can’t.

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