Seed Resources

Central Florida Vegetable Planting Guide

Our primary seed source is Johnny’s Selected Seeds. The top five, in recommended order are:

  1. Johnny’s Seeds
  2. Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co.
  3. Seeds of Change
  4. High Mowing Organic Seeds
  5. Seed Savers Exchange

Veggie Profiles an excellent resource to provide basic growing and planting information. More are being added on an ongoing basis.

Grow Veg Garden Planner is an online Garden Planner which helps you grow fruit and vegetables to the best of their ability, whatever the size or shape of your garden or plot. Be sure to measure your row widths and lengths prior to creating your planner with this great tool.

Pest/Insect Identification and Organic Control, a website to identify vegetables and their common pests and how to treat them organically.

Central Florida Food Co-op, an online food co-op to give you an idea of what your garden produce can be sold for, or the value of your new green thumb status.