First Blog of the 2017/18 Season

Trying to follow spiritual promptings…royal burgundy beans

After working to get the website updated including new payment buttons, everything was all set to go.   Afterwards, I felt like I was walking on shifting sand. The Fall CSA was not going to happen. It brought peace when that was decided where anxiousness had been.  It will give us more time to do this right.

We’ll start accepting applications now for the winter/spring season. By then, we’ll have the building done. We’ll also have a high tunnel for our own transplants, rather than outsourcing that work. We’ll have a place for all the tools.

We can grow cover crops on the other two plots that are currently covered.  We can cover and kill the weeds where the cover crop currently is.

It will give us a chance to start on a solid ground.  We need tables and wash area, and ways to wash and distribute that will be labor-saving.  We need to build up the soil a lot.   Ileana and I will work on the plans for getting everything ready for the Spring CSA and it will flow a lot better. Looking forward to a garden filled with royal color.


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