How did Osceola County’s first CSA begin?  We began in the spring of 2008 with 8 shareholders.  Nancy, our farm owner/manager, had been looking for local food at the farmer’s markets and none was to be found. So she looked online for information on how to begin one. After enlisting the help of veteran CSA owner, farmer Morgan from Brevard County, they tilled a quarter of an acre and grew an abundance of crops. With limited means to feed more than about 230 families with share-baskets, we decided in 2012 to close the door of the CSA and convert it to the rent-a-row program which can accommodate 45+ families. Teaching people to feed themselves has an infinitely larger ripple effect.

What will I need to garden for a season? Determination, patience, and some muscles! You will need seeds, some organic type fertilizer, some Black Kow ($5), a bag of peat moss ($7), some tomato stakes, bucket for your weeds/produce, and a stirrup hoe (if you want your own).

Can I share a row with a friend? Of course you can! We would need both emails so both of you receive the weekly emails we send out.

How am I going to get instruction on gardening? When you sign up, you’ll be assigned a mentor…a gardener who has experience and has been with Osceola CSA for a season or more. They will be your “go to” person if you have any questions or if you need hands on instruction. You can set up times to meet at the garden for individual help. In addition, we send out weekly emails with updates on garden issues.

How long do the seasons run? The fall season runs from mid September to the first of February, and spring season begins mid February and goes until mid June. Your membership is for one season.

what can be grown

What can I grow in each season? Here is a link to the Vegetable_Planting_Guide-Central Florida The X’s in the chart show you which months you can plant each crop. A lot of it depends on the climate…you might be able to extend growing some of the vegetables if the climate is mild.

What is the difference between naturally grown and organic? Even though organic has high standards, they’re not high enough.  They still leave room for a percentage (10-20%) of inorganic means to raise crops.  Our garden is as natural as it gets! We’ve hand squeezed bugs and applied fish emulsion for the fertilizer.  We are always searching for ways to improve the soil so the plants are healthier – healthy plants attract fewer bugs!

Where is the ranch located? The ranch is where you will pick up your share. It is East of St. Cloud on Hwy. 192, about 3 miles out of town, across from the Serpentarium.  Our ranch has a horse boarding business and the garden is on the property.  It is surrounded by a white vinyl fence…you can’t miss it.

If you are interested, please be sure to complete the Rent-a-Row Application to be placed on the email list for this season.