Why Garden?

If you have never considered growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs, here are 10 reasons to start now.

  1. Gardening is delicious. Homegrown produce, especially juicy tomatoes and fresh basil, are usually tastier than when store-bought. Plant what your family likes to eat and enjoy the rave reviews.
  2. Gardening is good exercise. Pulling weeds, digging holes and hauling dirt burns calories comparable to brisk walking. It also challenges and tones both lower and upper body muscles.
  3. Gardening is good for children. They can learn the science of seeds and plants. They can learn planning and researching skills by deciding what and where to plant, and what each plant’s water, sun and nutrition needs are. They are also motivated to eat healthier foods. This whole process teaches patience in today’s era of immediate gratification.
  4. Gardening relieves stress. The emotional benefits of gardening are so well known that horticulture therapy has sprung up: horticulture therapists prescribe gardening to help people sleep better, reduce anxiety and boost mood levels.
  5. Gardening helps you prepare for potential food shortages. During these days of extreme economic uncertainty and worldwide crop shortages, planting your own food supply could be crucial for your family’s survival.
  6. Gardening is easier than you think. Just like learning to drive, going to college or having children, gardening can be overwhelming at first, but once you go up the learning curve, it becomes much easier.
  7. Gardening makes it easy to eat organic. By avoiding pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it is simple to grow organic food.
  8. Gardening makes it easy to eat locally. Harvesting sweet bell peppers from your backyard uses no fuel to transport the finished product to your kitchen. This is quite different than store-bought peppers that traveled from Canada, Holland or Israel.
  9. Gardening may be cheaper than store-bought. After some initial investment in tools, seeds and soil amendments, the cost of home-grown produce is often cheaper than store bought. By composting scraps to make your own fertilizer, subsequent year costs can be limited to new seeds and seedlings. And by learning the art of seed saving, this cost can also be avoided.
  10. Gardening has withstood the test of time. For its history mankind has depended on gardening to sustain itself; the decline of growing one’s own food has paralleled the decline of our nation’s health and overall welfare. [Source: Natural News]


There are lots of lessons to be learned…and some don’t have anything to do with vegetables. Below are a couple of the comments from our working shareholders:

“The opportunity to actually be part of an organic garden from start to finish has been incredible. Going every week to nurture and watch tiny seeds grow into massive plants felt empowering. Nothing can compare to the taste of fresh and organic vegetables. It’s hard for me to decide what I enjoyed the most about working in the garden. My top three reasons would be, first- learning tons of facts about gardening, second- providing fresh produce for my family and trying new recipes, third- being able to take part in something that I know will have a huge impact on my family’s future.”
“Gardening started as picking grass from the newly tilled dirt. From start to finish it has been a reconnecting of my spirit to good work, fresh food, new tastes, wonderful fellowship, new learning, deeper reverence, and community ties. It will be a part of my life from now on.”
“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your CSA. Working in the garden/farming environment centers my being. It helps reduce the stressors life can throw at you. Farming, having your hand in the soil, growing your own plate, and gardening in general is a great metaphor for the wonders, disappointment, struggles, inconveniences and successes of your life. At the end of the day, everything you really need is right in front of you. And as a result, you have not only grown vegetables in nature, a little part of you has grown too. In the process I have increased my knowledge of organic / natural gardening, sustainability and am more involved in the organic movement.”
“We have thoroughly enjoyed working as a shareholder. It has been a joy all around for us. We love and appreciate the people we worked with on the farm. We love the vegetables that we have grown and harvested. We appreciate all that we have learned. It has been a very good experience for us. We are looking forward to coming back next year. Thank you.”

We realize our dependence on the Lord to have any harvest at all… He has blessed us abundantly this season.